All local Churches across Australia and New Zealand strive to fulfill to the following:

  • Adherence to a local Church Child-Safe Policy.
  • Screening of all volunteers and staff who work with children or young people (any person from 0 - 18 years of age).
  • Performing legally-required required Criminal History Record Checks that apply in local region (State, Territory, or Country).
  • Adopting a Code of Conduct which outlines the conduct expected of all adults who interact with children and young people whilst on Church property and on Church-sponsored activities.
  • Reporting all disclosures, suspisions and allegations of children at risk of harm or abuse to authorities such as the Police, Government Child Protection services, and to Church authorities.
  • Implementing Safety Agreements with applicants who have a conviction or positive finding for an offence of a sexual, pornographic or violent nature against a child or young person.
  • Training of local Church Boards and child/youth leaders and coordinators using the 'Safe Church' training manual (based on the Safe Church Training Agreement and Safe Church Project auspiced by the National Council of Churches in Australia), or a training program that meets similar 'standards'.

Local Churches also appoint a Safe Place Coordinator, or a team, to assist the local Church Board to comply with the Child-Safe Policy, Code of Conduct, and screening requirements.

In addition, Safe Place Services operate a National Safe Place Register of people witin the Church and its environments who have: (a) a conviction for a violent or sexually-related offense; (b) a sustained finding against them of a sexual abuse or sexual misconduct nature, against an adult or child; (c) or have been involved in a Church-based investigation. The Register also contains a Safety Agreement Log and a List of links to Court transcripts, judgements and sentencing remarks and links to Professional-member Registration bodies and Tribunals to cases involving a person within the Church and or a Church-entity. This information is already in the 'public domain'.

PDF Downloads
Child Safe Policy
Code of Conduct
Grooming of Children
Responding to Kids at Risk
Safety Agreements
Screening Staff who work with Children & Young People

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